German Shepherd Care and Maintenance

The German Shepherd is the most recognizable breed in our country. However, few people know how to properly care for her. Like the East European Shepherd, the German Shepherd lives on average for up to 13 years. After the puppy reaches one year old, it is necessary to check the hip joints for the cause of possible diseases.

Genetic analysis is also good. Some German Shepherd puppies have the MDR1 gene. Because of it, the animal becomes susceptible to certain types of drugs. If you do not know this, then improper care of the dog can become fatal for her. Particular attention should be paid to caring for the hair of the animal. It does not require much effort. Wool should be scrubbed with a brush.

Keeping your ears clean is important. This breed requires sufficient physical activity, long walks are suitable for their health. They need a proper and balanced diet, which includes all the nutrients. This is especially true for puppies.

As mentioned above – shepherds are very obedient dogs and are easily trained in everything new. However, training should be consistent from a very young age. The pet needs to be given enough time. The period of life from the seventh to the fourteenth week is very important for shepherd puppies.

At this time, they are very sensitive to the environment. At this stage, they need to be taught not to be afraid of strangers, which will positively affect their lives in the future. The German Shepherd is known for its ability to completely obey the owner. They have the talent to execute all orders and commands, but these skills the dog needs to be taught gradually, with the help of training, but by no means beatings.

A dog raised in an environment of violence becomes potentially dangerous to others. The German breed, like the Caucasian shepherd, has a thick coat, so it is prone to molting. Therefore, you should not ignore hairdressing salons for animals. Shepherd puppies and an adult require frequent physical exertion. Therefore, the breed does not particularly take root in families where they are not used to an active lifestyle.

It is also necessary to consider the cost of feed for keeping a dog. This breed is large, so the price of food is higher than that of smaller dogs. If the shepherd has been without physical activity for a long time, then it is necessary to wait for trouble. A passive lifestyle leads to problems in behavior.

For example, a dog begins to bark unreasonably. That is why it is necessary to work in two directions: motor (physical activity) and intellectual (training in various teams). It is worth noting that German shepherds, like other breeds of shepherd dogs, like to bark. Therefore, you should not pay much attention to their barking, but it is better to teach the animal the command “quietly”.

German shepherd puppies love to chew. This habit remains in adults as well. The dog’s powerful jaws can destroy many things in the house. The sluggishness of the owners leads to tooth damage or disease. Therefore, the dog must be given toys that are safe to chew so that it can amuse itself when there is no one to play with it.

How to feed a German shepherd

Experts recommend giving adult dogs up to four bowls of high-quality dry food per day. Food must be divided into not two parts. It is worth noting that the amount of feed given depends on several factors. For example, the age, size, activity of the dog, as well as the metabolic rate of the animal.

Therefore, feeding each dog individually, and they all need a different amount of food. If the animal begins to gain weight, it is necessary to reduce the amount of feed given. If the dog is thin, then feeding should be increased.

To understand if the shepherd is overweight, you need to conduct a simple test. You need to put your thumbs on the back of the animal along the spine. The rest grab her body. If you feel ribs with your fingers, then the animal is in excellent shape. If the bones are perfectly palpable, then feeding should be increased.

Overfeeding and the accompanying extra pounds cause immediate problems with the joints and provoke other diseases. The shepherd must be limited in the use of sweets and ensure an active life with regular proper nutrition.

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