German shepherds are very beautiful dogs, with excellent working qualities. Dogs are distrustful of strangers and friendly with family members. The Germans are really very intelligent by nature, but they must be brought up and trained from a puppy’s age, which is why you need information on keeping and caring for a German shepherd.


Depending on where you live: in a city apartment or in a private house, you will need to arrange a place for your German Shepherd puppy. Then, teach him the “place” team.

The main thing is that the dog in a place arranged for him, feel protected, and feel comfortable, nice to be there. Well, when from such a corner of the room he will be able to see what households are doing?

In a private house for a German shepherd, it is best to arrange a spacious aviary with a booth or just a big and warm booth.

In winter, throw hay or straw into it, so it will be warmer for the dog to sleep in it. In the booth, you need to periodically clean, for example, completely change the straw, removing the remnants of the bones that the dog can drag into the booth. Set the house so that the dog can go out and bask in the sun, but it is better to let it be in the shade.


The German Shepherd is a breed that is suitable for people who are ready to give their pets a lot of attention. Caring for a pet is not difficult, just familiarize yourself with the main points and take care of the dog daily.

If you notice that there is a discharge in the corners of the eyes of the shepherd, take a cotton swab, moisten it with a special tool and wipe it. Sometimes you can use chamomile infusion.

Inspect your pet’s teeth at least once a week. If you find a plaque on them, you need a special brush with a meat-flavored toothpaste, brush your tooth. Teach your puppy to this procedure and then an adult pet will allow you to perform the procedure as necessary.

Don’t have a special toothbrush with toothpaste? Take a cotton swab, dip it in clean water, then in powder and you can gently brush your dog’s teeth. At the pet store, buy special bones containing fluoride and give them to the dog.

If you live in a city and the dog walks a lot on asphalt paths, he will grind his claws on his own. If not, you need to periodically cut them with a claw cutter, trying not to touch the vessel. Leave at least 3 mm from it so as not to split the claw.

The ears of the dog should be cleaned at least once a week with a cotton swab dipped in herbal infusion, water. The wool that grows in the ear must be removed so that earwax flows freely.

When the dog will molt strongly, and this happens in spring and autumn, comb it thoroughly daily. If your shepherd lives in the apartment, then bathe her once every 2 months. Keep in the aviary? Then you can bathe more often. Lather the dog with baby or special shampoo.

Preventively, once every six months, the dog needs to drive away worms. A good tool is Drontal. At what dose should I give the remedy? Read the instructions.


When you walk with a German, he will want to run into plenty, explore a new one, and mark a familiar territory and chat with his own kind. If you are not a very sociable person, you will have to get acquainted and make friends with the owners of large dogs. Even if your dog runs around the house in the private sector, do not think that she does not need to walk around the village or city territory outside the gate.

It is good when you walk for at least 1 hour a day, and preferably 2 or more. With puppies walk less. No need to overwork the baby. Try to walk around the same time and keep your dog on a leash. The Germans are large and many people are instinctively scared of large dogs. When your dog is on a leash, they are calmer when passing by you.


It is best to feed the dog meat. Its minimum should be 30% in the diet, but better than 75%. All kinds of meat come here, except fat mutton, with pork. Many useful substances in offal: liver with a heart and scar. Sometimes a pet can be given gnaw on beef bones with meat, and it is better to pick up bare-bones and cook porridge with meat and vegetables (carrots, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin, etc.) on them.

Germans 3 or 4 times a week can be fed raw, scalded with boiling water fish. Give the dog kefir with cottage cheese, cook chicken eggs, or give only the yolks. You can raw and cooked vegetables with fruits, various greens.

You can’t categorically feed the Germans sweets: cakes with cakes or give pure sugar. Spices with spices are also prohibited for dogs. Potatoes can be a little bit. Do not salt boiled food.

Decided to feed dry food and canned food? Then buy the best you can afford dry food of a super-premium class and the same brand of canned food or another good one. Place next to a 3-4 liter capacity freshwater. Change it at least 1 time in 3 days.

How many times a day to feed the dog? If it is in excellent shape, then it is enough to give the right amount of food 2 times a day. For worse, you can do 3-4 or more feedings.


Wash bowls after eating boiled food or canned food as soon as the dog eats its portion. The water tank also needs to be thoroughly washed, because the saliva of the animal is dripping into the water. Sometimes a dog simply rinses his mouth in it, which means that bacteria get into the water and get divorced.


We have already mentioned that dogs can be given beef bones with meat. Boiled and especially tubular chicken or duck, etc. can not be given. An animal can break a tooth about them, and pulling it out so that the nerve does not bother is expensive. In addition, a cooked bone can get stuck in the mouth, injure the sharp ends of the esophagus, stomach.

From boiled bones, pets have constipation. The stomach may become so clogged that an operation is required or the animal will die. The bone benefits are small. Gnawing them, the pet partially removes plaque with a stone. If the pet is often given bones, even at middle age it can sharpen its teeth and they will be affected by caries.

Have you noticed that in pet stores in the assortment bones from artificial and in most edible materials are sold? For example, buy your dog bone from pressed veins, with different fillers. Pets gnaw them and enjoy, but there are no problems in the teeth, stomach, intestines. You can also get rubber bones that you can throw to your pet, like balls on a walk.

If you have a German shepherd, remember that this is a serious dog to work with.

If you raise him poorly and he fights with another dog or bites a person, you will have big troubles. From childhood, go with your puppy to classes with an instructor. At least 1 time per week or more.

Choose a bold, strong puppy in the litter. It is best to buy a German from parents with pedigrees.

Try to walk a little more with a German, feed him with high quality, and best of all with a straight. When sick, immediately treat. Educate him immediately, as he appears in your house and continue to adjust and stop from unwanted reactions all his life. A trained, loving you and all domestic dogs will give you a lot of joy and minimum hassle when communicating.

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